Centrifugal Fan


The fans are devices that are used to move air or gas & convert electrical energy to velocity energy or pressure.

Special fans are used to handling flammable and explosive gases that makes the possibility of Firing at high temperature for explosion or ignition to almost zero in process of gas handling from a place to another place.

The more sensitivity coefficient of gas fire, the more fans protection level.

To provide the driving force for these fans the no spark electro motors or in different protection mode are used for.

And if the ratio of gas sensitivity is too high. For producing driving force the electricity is not used entirely & compressed & hydraulic air potentials are used to. 


Fans can be divided into following categories based to the pressure & blade shape. Based to the pressure & blade shape, low pressure fans up to 2000 pas forward blades, one way suction forward centrifugal blades, double way suction centrifugal forward blades, medium pressure fans (mid pressure) up to 5000 pas backward centrifugal fan, high pressure fans up to 20000 pas, for reaching to higher pressures combined fans or consecutively placed blades must be used.

Forward one side suction centrifugal impellers
Forward two sides suction centrifugal impellers
Mid pressure Fans to pas 5000 Backward Fan centrifuges
High Pressure Fans to pas 20000

Centrifugal backward fans of Esfahan hava saz co. are calculated & produced by software & German company tables & centrifugal forward fans are calculated & produced by software & Gebhardt Company tables, Italy.

That both of the above companies are from nocotra, the best fan producers in the world. In addition the professional fans are continuously in the production line of Esfahan hava saz co. that produced from 2/2 kW to 355 kW power & Its diversity is as follows.


Non-sparking and explosion proof fans with EEX-T3 EEX-T4 motors


Rust and corrosion resistant fans from galvanized goods and types of stainless steel sheets.


Heat resistant fans from types of refractory steels from 250 to 1200 ° C.


Abrasion-resistant fans from types of abrasion-resistant Hardax steels in different grades.


Shot fans special for carrying natural & artificial fibers, Wood chips & etc., trim fans for crushing and conveying paper, Cardboard, Staffing & chipboard, solid material handling fans such as:metal particles, grains granules, cereals and…

Material shot blades
kinds of torch aeration fans & Induction and electric arc furnaces cooling fans
types of rooftop exhaust fans

the blades of the entire produced fans of company are controlled & calibrated with measuring tools based to the dimension & after static balance with digital balancers, they will be dynamically balanced based to the Iso.1940 standard during the function.

So that the fan has no vibration or unauthorized tremble during the work.


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