/ reasonable prices – easy installation and transportable / with

waterproof electric motor – 24/7 work / Fan with dynamic and static balance (ISO 1940) / made of completely stainless material / able to work with hard water / can work with hot air (mixed) / without use of nozzle / Air flow with chilling and moisturizing

Use in mushroom production salon:

Mushroom production salons can be made in different shapes, however, the most used shape in Iran is rectangular cube with these dimensions: length 18 / width 6 / height 4.5.

In addition these salon has the capacity of 22 tons of compost, which are placed in 5 layers.

 Humidifier systems flow air with moisture and chill environment for mushroom production salons. They are available in different capacities according to area of salon.

Air-washer air handling system for mushroom production salons:

Special air handling systems have unique specification and parameters in production, which Isfahan air handling Co. have the technology to build them.

Use in fridges

Humidifier units for use in fridges have special element which protects water from feasible freezing. It can be installed both inside and outside of fridge, and proven itself (with automatic control) better than steam boiler system in efficiency. having known the fact that using steam boiler in fridges in addition to increasing temperature, condenses water on surface and has high costs, use of steam boiler is obsolete and harmful for fridge. This company’s non-heating humidifier systems, in addition to easy installation and humidifying, causes succulence and prevents weight loss which contributes to better quality, better shelf life and higher profit.

Use in Poultry

Humidity and natural temperature issues can be solved easily in Incubation salons – broiler chicken salon – egg depot – egg laying hens with use of this device and also cool the salon in hot seasons with  outside air. It is also possible to add disinfection solution or any other needed material to water in order to spread it with moisture. This device increases net profit, because in addition to supplying salon with required air, temperature and humidity, prevents chickens respiratory diseases, decreases chicken mortality and help earlier weight gain. This system is considered better than using linear nozzles, because using water spray nozzles wets the surface and blockage due to hard water makes them need early maintenance and repair.

Use in textile industries

Spinning – weaving—scutch – sack weaving – cotton cleaning – cotton and substances depot – special conditions room – machine-made carpet can respond to today’s textile industries moisturizing needs to have higher production – lowest pause in production  – keeping low costs and improving quality for competition in market. This device features use of stainless alloys and hard water doesn’t cause any problem in device operation. It’s easy to repair, its parts are not fragile, consuming low space, high efficiency and if fed with outside air in summer, cools the salon. Installation is easy and can be installed both inside and outside.

Use in greenhouse

Installation of environment control systems(like humidifier systems) in greenhouses have great impact on increasing productivity, that’s why these systems got very popular quickly in greenhouses. With precise design and careful installation, these devices can also dampen the greenhouse, while chilling it to prevent evaporation of plant’s water. Making a better environment for growing, rooting, sprout, propagate and reproduction of plants, vegetables, flowers and tree seeds. With use of this system, the use of fan and pads are eliminated, because humidifier is able to distribute moisture smoothly around greenhouse, with use of humidifier Various types of liquid fertilizer, insecticide, foodstuff and pesticides can be spread uniform around greenhouse.

Use in Animal husbandry

One of the most important and considerable problems in cow herds is Heat stress which starts in summer and peaks with increase of temperature to the extent that can kill the cattle. With appearance of Heat stress, cattle is less willing to eat provender. Lack of comfort, enough rest and food rumination,  causes a 30-40% decrease in milk production, In addition, not displaying current symptoms and loss of apprehension and fertility is one of other effects of stress. With reduction of stress, in addition to relief of that problems, calves gain weight between 10 and 20 percents. Considering the fact that cooling outdoor environment costs much more compared to indoor salons and other systems (for humidifying) are not efficient because of blockage due to hard water, dampening of ground and having high maintenance and repair costs. With use of Isfahan Air Handling Co. devices, air can be flowed through salon while cooling, resulting in receding of insects.


Dimensions (cm)


Electric motor power (HP RPM)Air Flow Rate(m3/h)

Humidity Flow Rate


Moisture spray range (m)
1Humidifier –  HU-110 120*65*95 1/5HP
 m3/h6500lit/h110 20M
2Humidifier –  HU-45 50*40*60 1HP
 m3/h3000lit/h45 10M
3Humidifier and cooler – Bahar(HU85) 100*70*80 1/5HP
 m3/h7000lit/h100 15M
4Disc HumidifierVarious Dimensions    

Structural Features:

Humidifiers general specification:

Fully galvanized sheet // with epoxy coating to help longer life and prevent decay // Aluminum fan blade // with foreign brand 3000 rpm electric motor // Moisturizing up to 95% // with valve for manual humidity control // High cooling power // energy saving // needless of water softening device (works with hard water) // occupying low space // easy installation // Fan with static and dynamic balance (according to international standard ISO 1940) // Disc model

Disc model
HU 45
HU 85
HU 110

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