The cyclone are used to separate and remove industrial dust from the air or gases in many process. in addition to pollution problems, the cyclone are used to restore the flow of specific catalysts in oil refineries as well to recover the dried and frozen coffee in the food industry.
Cyclone performance:
Usually, gas-containing particles enters from the upper part of cyclone tangentially. Due to the geometry of the cyclone, rotating gas flow moves downward. Indeed, cyclone has an axial entrance in which rotating blades are embedded to create a circulating current. Due to the centrifugal force and inertia, particles are thrown out. After colliding with the walls of the cyclone, they will fall down cyclone. Gas in the lower part of the cyclone with reverse rotation of the inner tube moves upward. Treated gas from the top of cyclone and the particles from the bottom are removed by a one-way or a rotary valve.
Advantages of cyclones:
– Low initial cost
– High resistance to harsh operating conditions (ability to operate at high temperatures)

– Low maintenance costs due to the lack of moving parts
Disadvantages of cyclones:
– Low separation efficiency of tiny particles compared to large particles

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