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Isfahan Air handling Company is ready to give services, consultation and equipment especially for Indoor Mushroom production, including; Air handling systems for mushroom production tunnel or Corridors with aluminum fresh air damper, humidifier or fog maker for Indoor mushroom production rooms. Heater for indoor mushroom production, compost production fans, mixer and pasteurize tunnels.

One of the most important factors that should be paid attention to is the salon height. Considering the fact that “highest temperature variation in mushroom production salon must not exceed 1o C “ and temperature must decrease according to height, controlling temperature and keeping it constant in every part of salons having over 4.5m height would be extremely difficult and therefore not recommended at all.

Having known the fact that every mushroom production salon must have its own set of equipment, small mushroom production salons will put doubt in economic rationality of the whole project.

Mushroom production may take place in places with rooms like an obsolete house. This act can be problematic, because air located at a part of salon cannot travel easily between rooms and Air Circulation (which is necessary) will be in danger.

In general, mushroom production salons can be made in different ways, however the most widely used shape in Iran is rectangular cube with these dimensions; length 18,width 6 and height 4.5.In addition this salon have capacity of 22 ton compost in 5 layers.

Air-washer Air handling units especially for mushroom salons:

Air handling systems used is mushroom production salons must have special parameters and specifications which Isfahan Air handling Company is qualified for them and has required technology and years of experience to produce them.

Generally the only way of shocking is creating chill:

It is generated in summer by Chiller and in winter Air-washer air handling unit made by this company alone. Now It’s time for reducing temperature. For shocking we should decrease temperature to 16-17 C. This should take place gradually in 2 days, meaning at the end of the first day to 20 and at the end of the second day to 16  .Our measure for temperature is the temperature inside compost , because the temperature of environment can be much lower than compost itself. This temperature(16 ) should remain for 30 to 40 hours. Then we should raise temperature to 18-19  .At the beginning of lowering temp. we can realize the thickening of mildew and its color constantly turning whiter. Increasing temperature is done because the growth of mushrooms are low in cold environment, and if we keep temperature on 16  ,we lose time therefore not being able to harvest the intended amount in a 2 month period.


Mushroom pins will appear after shocking and gradually convert into  small buttons. Air circulation is very important is this step. Fresh air in all steps will help growth. Mushrooms are extraordinary plants that instead of making oxygen, produce carbon-dioxide and conserve oxygen like humans, therefore, ventilation is very important due to their oxygen need.

One week time is required from shocking to first harvest of mushrooms. In these period salon humidity should be kept between 70%-80%.This company air-washer air handling system are innovative designed in addition to having Air washer system (which consists of fasteners and water sprinklers), has atomizer system that is able to maintain wanted relative humidity in a short time and spread humidity equally in salon in form of fog.

Atomizer system also has the advantage of chilling salon according to climate especially dry provinces, this advantage cause less use of chiller itself.


Heating of mushroom salons can supplied by air handling devices used for chilling the salon, In this case Coil rows are added and there will be need of a steam boiler or central warm water.

Isfahan Air handling devices structural features:

Structural features of Isfahan air handling system model: EHS8000

1.     Air washer dimensions (including air mixing box and output channel):110*90*330 cm

2.     Galvanized water tank sheet(thickness 5.2 mm) with inside epoxy color coating

3.     Galvanized air washer body sheet(thickness 5.1 mm) with inside epoxy color coating

4.     Aluminum fresh air damper with airtight rubber (50*50 cm)on air box (linked to Italian brand)

5.     Aluminum returned air damper (circulated) with airtight rubber (50*50 cm) on air box (linked with Italian brand)

6.     Backward fan (made of steel 304) and balanced with blowing 8000 m3/h

7.     3 kw/1400 rpm electric motor (Brand Motogen Tabriz)

8.     Air washer net with galvanized collector (3 polyethylene riser)

9.     Polycarbonate water sprinkler nozzles and steel fasteners(15 pieces)

10.  One water electric pump (Brand Marquise) 1 hp.

11.   Water atomizer network (fog spray) with aluminum oxial fan (36cm diameter)

12.   Waterproof fan electric motor (5.1 hp)

13.    Drop catching web for catching non-atomized water made from galvanized sheet

14.    Viewing lid and glass (“Sight Glass”)

15.    Float and water depletion lid

16.  Chilling coil made of copper pipes with 4 rows aluminum fin (dimension 90*90 cm)

17.  Heating coil made of copper pipes with single row aluminum fin(dimension 90*90cm)

18.   Place for installing HEPA filter

Structural Features of Isfahan Air handling device model: EHSB-110

1.  Air handling unit dimension 130*90*100

2.     Fully made of galvanized steel

3.     Aluminum atomizer system

4.     Internal epoxy paint coating

5.     Aeration 6000 m3/hr

6.     Humidifier system able to humidify up to 95%

7.     Electric motor fan (5.1 kw) foreign brand

8.     Electric water pump for humidifier (40 w)

9.     “Mixing Box” for Fresh air and circulated air damper


Humidifier systems flow air with moisture and chill environment for mushroom production salons. They are available in different capacities according to area of salon.

HU 85 Model
HU110 Model
HU45 Model

Humidifiers structural features:

-Fully galvanized sheet – with epoxy coating to prevent decay and improve working life – aluminum fan blades

-Foreign 3000 rpm electric motor – able to humidify up to 95% –  valve for manual humidity adjustment – High chilling power – low energy consumption – needless of water softener (able to work with hard water) – needless of constant maintenance and repair – small – easy installation – dynamically and static balanced fan with international standard ISO 1940





Electric motor power


Air flow rate


Humidity flow rate



Humidifier HU-110

 120*65*95 1/5HP
 m3/h6500 lit/h110


Humidifier HU-45

 50*40*60 1HP
 m3/h3000 lit/h45


Air Washer Air handling system EHS-8000

 110*90*340 4HP
m3/h8000-12000  lit/h110


Air Handling unit with 2 row coil EHSB-110

 130*60*100 2HP


Air handling unit with 4 row coil EHSB-110

 130*60*100 2HP
 m3/h6500 lit/h110


Air handling unit with 6 row coil EHSB-110

 150*90*100 2HP
 m3/h6500 lit/h110


These dampers are installed at the end of salon for CO2 exhaust. Opening and closing mechanism is based on amount of fresh air positive pressure.

Recommended position for installing dampers for best efficiency is compost output door, 70-15 cm above salon’s ground.

Damper louvers dimension is assigned by company experts according to air handling unit flow rate.

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