Hot Air Furnace


Using heating devices with highest efficiency is now more popular than ever due to increasing price of energy and all of users want to save in energy costs. Isfahan Air Handling Co. has full responded to the crisis and fulfilled customers need with using shortest way to convert fossil fuels into thermal energy that in fact only 10% of output energy is wasted and gets outside with chimney and the rest given to environment. Typical usage of these furnaces is in production salons, gyms, workshops, public places, drying salons, swimming pools, Poultry and livestock salons and … . Combustion room is made of fireproof steel and collectors and pipes are made of heat resistant steel. Furnace body is two ply and insulated with Rockwool. Centrifuge fans double side air suction feed air with lowest noise and have body temperature control thermostat, environment thermostat and limit control.

Centrifuge fans have body control thermostat and limit control that have their command connected to main control board and gas or dual-fuel burners are installed on them. 


Fan with static and dynamic balance according to international standard ISO 1940 // Flame and combustion products are traveled 3 through 3 phases which cause highest use of fuel and high efficiency // Furnace body made of 304 steel // use of heat exchange pipes to reach high efficiency, pipes are made of heavy carbonated steel // Fan (Centrifuge or axial) installed on the unit grants high speed and static suction // Temperature control system in this device has two purposes; first to protect the device itself meaning that if temperature goes very high, it automatically shuts down the burner to let furnace cool down, second it adjusts the temperature of room uniformly. // Issues about maintenance and repair of device has been considered and designed in a way that contributes to easy access to all parts of furnace // The device has two years of guarantee and 10 years of after-sales services from the time of delivery // The burner’s brand is Iran Radiator (high quality burner)

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