Econ-Opec Air Washer


the word (econo-pack) grabbed from economy & package  that means economic package. econo pack air handling air washer can be used for heating & cooling & air freshening public places such as :stadiums ,production Halls, companies ,mosques ,offices, banks, wedding & stock halls , hotels , hospitals, Amphitheaters, museums, shopping centers & conference halls.

Air cooling is provided by air washer & air heating by a hot air furnace that is combined with air handling device so the natural gas or liquid gas or gasoline ignited by torch & the flame produced is blown in stokehole cylindrical shape.then enters the first distributor & the first pass of heating pipes.

Then enters the second distributor & second pass of heating pipes & finally exits from chimne

The set of Stokehole cylindrical, distributors and heating pipes create a wide range heat level that passing air of air handling devices passes from out of these surfaces & have no conflict with each other.

So the econo-pack doesn’t need machine room & exorbitant cost & heating & cooling are provided in one air handling addition, heat from the fuel to air is about 85% absorbed and has a high thermal efficiency For this reason it is very common in public places. Stokehole made ??of refractory steel distributor and the first and second pass tubes are made from steel crucible & required level of airflow will be funded in the air washer & heating surfaces & distribution channels by centrifugal fan. Econo-pack air handling devices are produced with 2500 cfm – 45000 cfm air aeration & thermal capacity from 100000 kcal/h – 400000 kcal/h.

air washers only change the dry temperature of air and the humidified temperature of air will remain constant. Metal standard washable filters are install at air washer entrance to prevent entering insects & dust & dirt.the dampers of fresh air & return air are responsible for adjusting the mixed air.

This method is cheap & very common because it doesn’t need to install chiller..

 structure features of air handling air washer :

 a centrifugal type fan with static & dynamic balance with shaft and Japanese grease bearings from galvanized sheet. 1400 rpm electro motor 3 phase 50 3 380 gene brand with protection degree if i4 & thermal class f (with adjustable disk by adjust screw//the coils are made from simple copper pipes or with fin inside and with aluminum blades from 8-14 fpi & with 8 times testing(the type of the fin, pipe& fin coil are changeable by the customers order)//a complete screw & nut build style with ability of re-assemble & dis assemble //the used sheets are completely galvanized (hot dip galvanized) with electrostatic powder coating &elastomeric thermal & acoustic insulation in the elastomeric part in the ventilator//one centimeter poly roll insulator to avoid  loosing heating & cooling //

the ventilators chassis & air outlets are equipped with stabilizers (vibration isolator) to avoid transmitting possible vibrations to device//

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