Air Handling Devices


For heating & cooling & freshening public places air such as: stadiums
 , Cinema, amphitheater, wedding hall, restaurant, mosque & museum ,…) or business places like (Passage – Bank – stock halls-bazaar,…) or companies production halls or hospitals & hotels & offices use air handling devices that is best way for central air conditioning in world level that in known. Air handling heating coil that is fed with hot water or steam is responsible for air heating in cool months & air handling cooling coil that is fed with cold water or chilled gas is responsible for cooling air.  Fresh air and return air dampers installed on the air handling device are able to control amount of receiving air or returning air from conditioning place to any desired ratio //the different pre-filters that can be installed when fresh air is going into air handling device & avoid entering insects, dust, Coarse particles, … to air handling device. For more air-cleaning bag – paper – felt –roll filters can be used. Centrifugal fan mounted in the air handling device provides required head for airflow & air flow slowly enter the distribution channel with appropriate DB & will be distributed by special valves in approved places

Structure features of air handling device
Power transmitting system includes fast montage monetary & lock taper bush technic with easy de-montage & without monetary catcher with American Woods technic procedure type is completely with screw & nut, montage & de-montage able All of the exterior sheet is coated with electrostatic powder paint Chassis compared to the capacity and size of the chute fabric is designed The chassis will be covered with epoxy paint welding and milling operations Connecting profiles with triangular structure made of polyamide is 90 ° standard Body plates will be connected to structure profiles with special Rubber and completely airtight after painting Service doors are made of die-cast or polyamide tubes static handles are made of polyamide & lock-type handles in high genic part of device are made of  refrigerated stainless steel insulation from poly-roll to prevent heat & cool loss are used The air exhaust fan is mounted to the body with high quality canvas and is completely prevent transmission of vibration to the body Crane hook can be installed on the four sides of the chassis in parallel & device is portable and can be downloaded easily without damage Fresh air and return air ,aluminum  gear dampers with adjustable blades  & able to install damper motor ,arsio design Italy aluminum v shaped washable filters 

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