Dampers have different usages in various industries; they’re installed in airway and change air flow or change its direction. Dampers are made of metal, polymers and wood and their blades can be fixed or movable. Fixed blade dampers are called louvers. Opening and closing dampers can be done manually or automatically. Automatic dampers are opened and closed with damper motor, air or oil jacks or mechanically. Dampers advantages are good airtight, low pressure drop, optimum strength, beautiful look, blades smoothness and …. . Damper blades’ edges will overlap to some extent and help better airtight. Daampers are put into 2 categories(in way of opening); first type blades are opened like Venetian blinds and second type blades are opened zigzag .Each of two types have its pros and cons. Plastic strip is used to have better airtight and better overall performance. Very big dampers (Macro Dampers) and very small dampers (Micro Dampers) are built and used today.

Esfahan Air Handling Co. Dampers are made in three types according to order:

Luwa Model:

This model has galvanized frame and aluminum blades and blades axis turn is polyamide bushing. Blades’ shafts are connected to each other with metal lever linked to a main shaft that can be connected to all types of damper motors. These dampers are mostly used in humid environments with dust and made with various dimensions.

Arsio Model:

This model has aluminum frame and blades, blades’ shafts are connected to a polymer gear and linked together that can be moved easily with lowest force possible and open/close the damper. Plastic strips are placed on edge of blades and airtight between blades and body has been taken into account therefore, damper will be completely tight after closing and has no air leakage.

Damper Louver:

These dampers are installed at the end of salon for air exhaust. Their opening and closing is done by positive pressure by fresh air amount which is used mostly in mushroom production salons.

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